CNA E-Learning Tool Brings the Code of Ethics to Life

Many nurses are aware that the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses is an important resource that sets out the specific values and ethical responsibilities expected of registered nurses in Canada. But did you know that there is a new e-learning tool to help make the code easier to understand and apply in everyday practice, one that’s fun and interactive too?

Available on, CNA’s Learning Modules: Bringing the Code of Ethics to Life consists of eight modules that present the code’s seven primary values and accompanying responsibility statements as well as the 13 ethical endeavours.

The onscreen text and voice-over – which you can pause, save and return to – contains stimulating discussion, thought-provoking questions and case studies that feature nurses using the code to explore solutions to their ethical problems.  Users of the modules will follow nurses working in a range of settings – home care, a public school and an STD clinic, to name just a few. Each module takes about 30 minutes to complete and ends with a short quiz and a printable certificate of completion.

As nurses encounter increasingly complex ethical situations and turn to the code for guidance and direction, they will find that the modules can assist them with putting the code’s teachings into practice.

This new tool, great for nurses, students and educators, has been well received by many users to date. Try it today!