Entry-Level Competencies for Nurse Practitioners in Canada


The Entry-Level Competencies for Nurse Practitioners reflect the knowledge, skills, and judgement required of nurse practitioners to provide safe, competent, ethical and compassionate care. While specific roles and responsibilities may vary by context and client population, this document outlines the essential competencies that all nurse practitioners must possess to be proficient when they begin practice.

The entry-level competencies outlined in this document were developed as part of a national analysis of three streams of nurse practitioner practice: Family/All Ages (Primary care), Adult and Child/Pediatric undertaken by the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR). The identified competencies were based on an extensive review of Canadian regulatory documents (e.g., provincial/ territorial competencies, standards, etc.), along with relevant research evidence and were validated through the practice analysis survey.   See Appendix A for the process used by CCRNR in the development of the nurse practitioner entry-level competencies.

The complete document for Entry-Level Competencies for Nurse Practitioners in Canada can be found here.