Speciality Nursing Interest Group (SNIG)

A Specialty Nursing Interest Group (SNIG) is a group of RNs/NPs and members of other health disciplines who have an area of similar clinical functional expertise, as well as a common concern for their own professional development and the delivery of quality healthcare. To be included as a SNIG on the ARNPEI website the group must include:

  • a majority of RNs/NPs in its membership;
  • have elected officers, and objectives, mission and vison.

ARNPEI will support SNIG in PEI by maintaining a liaison with these groups and publishing a directory of current specialty interest groups on our website. The directory will be updated annually. Current information on membership events and meeting dates is available by contacting the SNIG groups directly.

 A list of national associations can be found on the CNA website

 If you have any questions or would like to provide contact information on your SNIG please contact ARNPEI by calling 902-368-3764 or toll free 1-844-843-3933.

PEI SNIG are listed below.